How to Make Iced Coffee

Nothing beats an iced cold coffee whether it is from your favorite restaurant or coffee shop. And especially during summer, you always want to have a chilled drink down your throat. However, going to the restaurants every now and then to purchase a cup of cold espresso can be quite expensive. So why not try making yours at home?

There are several ways to make iced coffee, and you can try them all in your kitchen. If you’ve ever wanted to make your iced coffee at home, you have come to the right place. We are going to discuss three different ways you can make coffee in your home.

Method 1:  Hot Brewed Coffee

This method involves diluting your brewed coffee drink with ice.

  1. Brew your hot and fresh coffee. Remember to make it stronger than usual since you will be diluting it. If the drink is not strong enough and you use too much ice cubes, you may over dilute it. Also, if you want to add sugar, you should do it now, when the drink is still hot, to make the granules dissolve easily.
  2. Pour your brewed coffee into a jug. And give it some time, roughly one hour to get cold at normal temperature, then you can take it into a freezer for 2 hours so that it can be thoroughly chilled.
  3. Fill your chilled coffee into a glass and pour in milk or cream if you prefer. Ensure that you stir well. Then drink it.

Method 2:  Coffee Frappe

Here you need to have a blender to make your iced coffee.

  1. Pour just enough brewed espresso into a blender. And throw in crushed ice and milk.
  2. Allow blending for about 10 seconds. To ensure the ice is crushed but not entirely. Then pour sugar and flavorings such as French vanilla, if you like, and stir. Then blend again until all the ice is crushed and the mixture is smooth.
  3. Serve and enjoy the coffee.

Method 3:  Cold Brewed Coffee

You should try this method if you prefer a drink that has less acidity. This method also gives you less bitter drink than the one you get from hot brewed coffee.

  1. Place your ground coffee into a pitcher.
  2. Pour enough chilled water or water at a normal temperature into the pitcher as well.
  3. Cover the pitcher and allow it to steep for 12 hours or more.
  4. Sieve the drink by pouring it into another container.
  5. Pour in a glass and use the desired ice. And you can also pour in milk and sugar if you want. You can substitute sugar with syrup for easier mixing.

You can use the above methods to make your drink at home. But often, even after mastering the recipes, DIY at home iced espresso gets a bad rap. However, here are some few ideas to help you get the exact taste and flavor you want in your iced coffee.

  • Use Quality Coffee Beans

High-quality coffee beans will make better drink compared to low-quality ones. So ensure that you buy your beans from reliable vendors.

  • Know the coffee-water ratio

When you are preparing your iced coffee, you need to know the right ratio of coffee and water. For instance, if you are making cold-brewed iced coffee, you need a stronger brew. So the coffee to water ratio can be 1:4 to 1:8.

  • Try several kinds of coffee

Unless you already have a particular brand, it is recommended that you try different types to find out what you like. Switch up your beans and play around with different toasts to determine what you prefer.

  • Make coffee ice cubes

Water ice cubes may over-dilute your drink. To prevent this, you should freeze leftover coffee into an ice cube tray and use them into your next cup of coffee. Ice cubes of coffee, make the drink taste better when they melt. You can also sprinkle a little cinnamon or drizzle drinking chocolate over the ice cubes before freezing them for a better taste.

  • Flavor your iced coffee

Enhancements make your drink to have a better taste. You can use aromatics such as orange juice or orange peels or orange ice cream to your chilled drink. You can also opt for raspberry ice cream or fresh or frozen red raspberries into your cooled espresso. Lastly, you may use some vodka and Irish cream on your chilled coffee.

Homemade iced coffee tastes much better and is much cheaper. With these recipes and tips, you will be making tasty cold espresso drink from the comfort of your home.