How To Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

What comes in your mind the first thing you wake up? Is it going to the kitchen and have a cup of your favorite coffee? Well, if yes, that’s acceptable and the best thing is that you are not alone as millions of people do the same thing every morning. Many people depend on coffee makers for that fresh and hot coffee in the morning. That being the case, finding out that the button isn’t working or the coffee maker has broken could be a nightmare and the incident can crush their dreams for the entire day. However, the unexpected happens when you least expect and if you ever find yourself in this situation, don’t panic as here are three techniques on how to make coffee at home or in a café without a coffee maker.

  1. Using a strainer

Boil the water

Add the recommended amount of water in a saucepan, kettle or an electric hot pot and boil. You should keep track of the amount you add in order to determine the recommendable amount of coffee needed.

Measure coffee grounds into a measuring jar

Add medium to fine ground coffee to the measuring jar depending on your preferences. Usually, two tablespoons are perfect for six ounces of water in the mug to produce a medium-strong cup of coffee. However, you can always adjust the amount of ground coffee to get your desirable drink.

Pour hot water over the grounds

With the measuring cup already loaded with your desired amount of grounds, pour the hot water over it in the mug. For this method, you don’t need filters because water and coffee grounds blend excellently.

Give it time

The coffee should be left for about three minutes to steep. Stir for additional three minutes for even distribution of coffee in the water. However, it’s not a crime to steep the coffee for less than or more than three minutes; it all depends on how strong you like it.

Filter the grounds as you pour your coffee in a cup

Put a coffee strainer over a thermos or cup and pour the liquid through until its full. The purpose of a strainer is to filter out coffee grounds which prevent them from getting into your cup of coffee. Add sugar and cream as desired and enjoy your coffee.

  1. Using a filter

Heat the water

Heat the water using a saucepan, kettle or an electric hot pot.

Set coffee grounds in a coffee filter

Take out your preferred pre-ground coffee and place it in a coffee filter and tie the filter using a long string to form a bundle. The bundle is tied tightly to keep the coffee grounds in position and to prevent them from getting into the liquid. You need a long string to help you hang out of the mug for easy pulling. For effectiveness, use two tablespoons of grounds in one cup of water.

Pour the water over coffee filter bundle and steep

With the bundle in the mug in position, pour the hot water directly over it until it’s full. Allow the coffee to steep for about 3 to 4 minutes. However, feel free to steep for more than four minutes if you need stronger coffee or less than three minutes if you like weaker coffee.

Remove the filter

Hold the string of the bundle and squeeze it gently against the side of the mug using a spoon. This forces out extra liquid and given that the liquid inside had lengthily contact with the grounds, it will produce a concentrated liquid which would make your coffee stronger. Remove the bundle and add sugar and cream as you like and serve.

  1. Using a saucepan

Place the desired amount of water and coffee grounds in a saucepan and boil

Depending on the amount of coffee you want to make, measure the water and add about 1 tablespoonful of coffee grounder per cup in a saucepan. Place the saucepan in a stove and heat until it boils. When the mixture is about to boil, you should stir gently using a spoon.

Leave it to boil and pour the coffee in a mug

When the mixture reaches a full boil, allow it to continue boiling uncovered for two minutes. Remove the saucepan from the stove to allow the grounds to sink. Pour the coffee gently and slowly and leave the coffee grounds at the bottom of the saucepan. Add sugar according to your preferences and serve.

Final thoughts

Coffee is one of the most common beverages in the world and having it in the morning makes you alert and energized all day long. If your kitchen doesn’t have enough space for a bulky machine like coffee maker, you are among a million others who don’t have the coffee maker yet they enjoy hot coffee every morning. Also, if your coffee maker is not working, follow any of the above techniques and enjoy sipping sweet smelling high-quality coffee.